The body has a memory. Some strong emotions, which could not be digested immediately, have been saved in the cells. Your body remembers everything. Too many negative memories lead to energetic blockages. Diverse symptoms begin to occur and your body stops functionning properly. It is the language chosen by the soul to make itself heard.

Your body is extremely clever. It sends alarm bells to very precise locations, which all have their own meaning.

The natural state of your body is to be in full health and vitality.

I listen carefully to what your body has to say und give it an impulsion to get rid of the negative memories kept within its cells. I just need to put my hands on or over your body and let the energy flow. A feeling of deep peace and freedom occurs when your body and your soul are aligned and reconnected with each other.

Once the body is freed from most of its memories, it can effectively activate its natural self-healing abilities.

A healing session lasts 45 minutes and costs 100 Euros (50 Euros for children).

Special offer: 3 sessions and the reconnection: 600 Euros

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